Granite is one of the most popular types of rocks, valued for its diversity and strong structure

Granite is a magmatic rock formed in the depths of the earth by pressure and high temperatures, which cause mineral reactions. This was due to the exceptional properties of granite - durability, durability and hardness.

Hardness is one of the most important properties of granite, which allows this stone to be universally applied even to those surfaces that are affected by adverse weather conditions or physical factors.

Granite is a durable material suitable for countertops, outdoor and indoor window sills, stairs, monuments and other products. Granite can also be used to install fireplaces, floors and walls. In outdoor decoration, granite is used for various facade elements, garden or yard decoration.

Granite stone blocks are excavated or found on the surface of the earth. Granite stone blocks stand out for their variety of shades and patterns, they can be: polished, polished, kissed, burned, broken

Granite stone slabs have a grainy structure. The distinctive look and colors give the granite a decorative look, it is easy to combine. The patterns vary depending on the type of granite and are determined by the formation processes. Granite ranges from almost monochromatic to a layered or dotted appearance.

Whatever color or texture of granite you choose, the stone will have excellent granite-like properties. It is a long-lasting rock with outstanding durability and resistance, making it suitable for use even in places where other materials last for a short time. The solid granite surface perfectly withstands various weather conditions: humidity, temperature changes, etc. This stone is also resistant to mechanical impact such as scratching. Due to this property, granite slabs are often used in the production of countertops, in addition, they prevent the accumulation of bacteria, which is also very useful in places that come into contact with food.