Stone from reliable partners all over the world - from ingot to product

JSC „Sibrusta“ provides all stone processing services - from stone ingots to products. The company sells granite blocks and stone slabs, provides stone processing and stone product manufacturing services. The masters of UAB Sibrusta implement projects of both private clients and architects and designers from natural stone.

Stone from around the world reliable partners
The raw material from which stone slabs of different thicknesses are cut, before arriving at the JSC „Sibrusta“ plant, often has to go a long way, which is consistently followed by the company's specialists. Granite blocks are imported from all over the world: Finland („Palin granite“, „Kymen granite“ oy, „Suomalainen kivi“), Norway („Lunds granite“), Sweden („Swimpex granite“), Russian Karelia (OOO „Kamni“, OOO „KGRK“), India („Pacific industries“ Ltd), Ukraine („Antik“), Africa and other countries.

According to the customer's wishes, the company cuts and processes granite slabs of various sizes from 1.5 cm thick. Stone of international origin in various sizes and shapes is controlled from the beginning of its path to the final product.

Stone slabs that impress
Natural stone reveals its luxury in various forms. JSC „Sibrusta“ offers different types of natural stones, shapes, a wide range of colors allow to implement the most diverse projects. JSC „Sibrusta“ sells granite blocks and provides natural stone processing, cutting, grinding, polishing and renovation services. Designs, manufactures and installs various granite products, memorials, monuments, tombstones, memorial plaques, curbs, exterior and interior decoration elements (stairs, window sills, bathroom countertops, columns, vases, fireplace decoration details, etc.), building stone products (fences) , road and sidewalk curbs, pavers, floors, ceilings, facade tiles and slabs), provides installation and renovation of natural stone paving, sells granite chippings.

Many years of experience of the company's craftsmen and advanced CNC stone processing machines, computer-controlled milling and water jet cutting allow high-quality and extremely precise stone processing, which allows to accurately realize individual customer wishes - from classic floor coverings, stairs and kitchen countertops to modern facades floors and impressive monuments.

The stone itself is not a work of art, and the beauty of nature is further emphasized in architectural masterpieces. JSC „Sibrusta“ technical staff and consultants take care of every project with dedication, professionalism and experience. Because of their education and motivation, they are looking for the best way to use natural stone every day. Using digital CAD composition, even creating an international large-scale project is no problem. The company has contributed to the renovation of the Opera and Ballet Theater fountain, the construction of a stone wall at the „IKEA INDUSTRY LIETUVA“ factory and other large-scale projects.