Granite slabs for covering graves are a long-lasting, aesthetic and easy-to-maintain solution for a cemetery

 When spring comes, we often start preparing for the maintenance of our relatives' cemeteries. And to make the work as simple as possible, the "SIBRUSTA" stone processing center has a practical and aesthetic solution - covering the grave with a granite slab. Granite grave slabs are a convenient and durable way to preserve the neat appearance of the cemetery for a long time.
Granite slabs are durable and easy to maintain. They are often used to cover graves due to their properties:
Durability and resilience. Granite is very resistant to atmospheric conditions, temperature fluctuations and other environmental influences. This means that granite slabs can remain unchanged for a long time.
Aesthetics and individuality. Granite has a natural, exquisite beauty that makes many people choose it for covering gravestones. It is a natural stone with various colors and patterns that give the product a unique look.
Easy maintenance. Granite does not require complex maintenance. It is easy to clean and resistant to various environmental factors, including rainwater, dust and other dirt. Periodic cleaning of the surface will maintain the brightness of the granite colors.
Resistance to scratches and damage. Granite is quite resistant to various damages, scratches and chemicals. This means that it will remain in good condition for a long time, even in adverse conditions. Also, if scratches do occur, most of them can be easily removed with special granite cleaning and polishing products.
The stability and safety of the stone. Granite can be polished and machined in such a way that its smooth surface reduces the potential risk of danger. This stable stone is suitable for mounting on a grave or other part of a monument.
Ability to process. Granite can be given a variety of shapes and design elements, as it is easy to work with. The processing of granite slabs in various ways allows you to create a unique grave monument.
Symbolic value. Many people perceive granite as a symbol of strength, durability and respect.
When covering graves with granite slabs, people often seek to create a dignified, long-lasting and symbolically significant memorial to the deceased.
As the weather warms up, the "SIBRUSTA" team wants to encourage you to remember the graves of your loved ones and make their care easier! The company offers a wide selection of granite colors (even 25 colors), so the slab will be easily matched to the existing monument. If necessary, the panels can be removed and re-installed in the future.
The company can also offer a wide selection of monuments, so you can entrust all the cleaning of the cemetery. The company works throughout western Lithuania! It is also possible to communicate remotely (if you are abroad), we will send the drawings, we will go to the place to measure.