Stone processing center „SIBRUSTA“ - high quality stone products and stone processing services

Stone is one of the most durable finishing and construction materials used for interior and exterior installation. It is a perfectly suitable, maintenance-free material for table tops, stairs, walls, floors, fireplaces, facades and pavements. The masters of the stone processing center JSC „SIBRUSTA“, with the help of marble, granite or other natural stone, will create an individual home style that you will admire for many years.

The company has been selling stone products and providing stone processing services since 2011:

  • Wholesale and retail of granite blocks and stone slabs.
  • Cutting and polishing of granite blocks and natural stone slabs.
  • Natural stone processing, grinding, renovation.
  • Design, production, installation of granite products, memorials, monuments, tombstones, memorial plaques, curbs.
  • Design, production, installation of exterior and interior decoration elements (stairs, window sills, countertops, columns, vases, fireplace decoration details, etc.).
  • Manufacture and supply of building stone products (fences, curbs, pavers, floors, ceilings, facade tiles and slabs).
  • Natural stone pavement renovation works (grinding, polishing).
  • Granite chippings for sale.

JSC „SIBRUSTA“ assortment of granite slabs and blocks of various colors, stones for floor installation. The company's craftsmen cut and process granite slabs of various sizes from 1.5 cm thickness according to individual orders. The company produces and sells paving stones. JSC „SIBRUSTA“ offers long-lasting and versatile floors and sites made of natural stone - granite or outdoor stone. The color range of granite is extremely wide, so this coating will easily blend into any style of environment.

The company wholesales and retails granite blocks coming from all over the world. Granite blocks are imported from Finland („Palin granite“, „Kymen granite“ OY, „Suomalainen kivi“), Norway („Lunds granite“), Sweden („Swimpex granite“), Russian Karelia (OOO „Kamni“, OOO „KGRK“), India („Pacific Industries“ Ltd), Ukraine („Antik“), Africa and other countries. At the customer's request, slabs from 1.5 cm thick are cut from stone blocks.

JSC „SIBRUSTA“ employs qualified employees with many years of experience in the field of stone processing. The company's factory is equipped with fully automated CNC stone processing machines that allow you to make various orders from granite.

JSC „SIBRUSTA“  provides granite block cutting, stone slab polishing and trimming services. Granite is used to produce high-quality kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace details, stair treads and window sills from various colors.

The company installs graves, manufactures monuments and tombstones, covers graves with slabs for many years, therefore the company's craftsmen are well acquainted with modern graveyard installation standards. The company can also offer funeral urns made of natural stone.

Experienced managers will provide detailed information about your products and services, depending on your needs and capabilities. Continuous improvement and modernization of equipment and raising the qualification of employees ensures the speed and quality of work.

JSC „SIBRUSTA“ implements a wide range of projects - both for individual customers and commercial and public projects. The company has contributed to the renovation of the Opera and Ballet Theater fountain, the construction of a stone wall at the „IKEA INDUSTRY LIETUVA“ factory and other large-scale projects.

JSC „SIBRUSTA“ offers you:

  • High quality stone processing.
  • Wide selection of services and products.
  • Various color palette of granite slabs.
  • Cemetery creation from design to installation.
  • Long-term guarantees.
  • Fast, high-quality and inexpensive projects implemented throughout Lithuania.

JSC „SIBRUSTA“ designs, consults and finds the most optimal solutions.