Granite slab and stone processing for a wide range of interior and exterior products

„Sibrusta“ Stone Processing Center is engaged in the wholesale and retail trade of stone slabs. According to the customer's wishes, the company's craftsmen cut stone slabs of the required size from stone blocks. JSC „Sibrusta“ imports various types of granite and other types of stone slabs. If you want something unique, the company can deliver almost any stone slab you want.

The stone slabs in the stone processing center are used for table tops, fireplace decoration, stair treads, window sills, floor panels, monuments and countless other interior and exterior products.
Slabs of natural stone are chosen by people who value naturalness, exceptional design, reliability and quality. The colors and patterns of the stone are created natural and time-tested. Natural stone slabs are widely used in interiors and exteriors around the world. It is an exclusive and long-lasting choice that will give reliability and uniqueness to your individual project.
At the „Sibrusta“ stone processing center, stone slabs are cut from granite blocks, which are mainly used for the following products:

  • Natural stone window sills are a practical and stylish choice for the interior and exterior of your home. Granite slabs are recommended for outdoor windowsills due to their resistance to environmental influences.
  • For stone stairs - granite slabs are recommended due to their resistance to environmental influences and minor damage.
  • Natural stone floors can be installed in both wet and dry rooms. Floors made of granite slabs will be resistant to environmental influences and minor damage.
  • All stone slabs can be used for stone wall decoration, granite or marble is recommended for larger spaces.
  • Stone countertops made of granite slabs are extremely durable, resistant to heat and damage.
  • Finishing stone fireplaces will give the home luxury and exclusivity. Customers appreciate the decoration of a natural stone fireplace because each stone slab is unique.

JSC „Sibrusta“ provides the following services:

  • stone block cutting;
  • cutting of granite blocks;
  • grinding of stone slabs;
  • milling of stone slabs;
  • polishing of stone slabs;

The main activity of JSC „Sibrusta“:

  • sale of granite blocks (blocks) and stone slabs;
  • natural stone processing, cutting, grinding, turning, renovation;
  • monuments, tombstones, memorial plaques (design, manufacture, installation services);
  • granite slab countertops for stairs, window sills, fireplace trim, etc .;
  • production and supply of building stone products (fountain trim panels, fences, facade panels, etc.).

„Sibrusta“ stone processing center will provide you with:

  • high quality of stone processing;
  • a wide range of services and products;
  • a wide range of colors and shades of natural stone.